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Alexandre Berthold, Efstathia Katsigianni: Post quantum cryptography in automotive, Escar Europe 2020, 29.09.2020 [Link]

Artikel & Presse

Sebastian Paul, Efstathia Katsigianni: Quantum computing threat: How to prepare for a smooth transition to post-quantum cryptography, Bosch Research Blog, 09.03.2022 [Link]

Efstathia Katsigianni, Sandra Weigl: Die Post-Quantum-Challenge, HANSER automotive, Carl Hanser Verlag, 01.06.2021

Vorträge & Webinare

Sebastian Paul: Post-Quantum Security for Industrial M2M Communication, INFORMATIK 2021 – Post-Quanten Kryptographie in der Praxis (PQKP), 28.09.2021

Sebastian Paul: Post-Quantum Security for the Industrial IoT: Integrating PQC into OPC UA, CAST Workshop – Mobile und Embedded Security, 06.05.2021

Soundes Marzougui: Machine-Learning Side-Channel Analysis on Lattice-based Signatrue Schemes, 33. Crypto Day, 17.09.2021

Soundes Marzougui, Jean-Pierre Seifert: XMSS-based Chain of Trust, PROOFS Workshop, 17.09.2021

Kim Nguyen, Frank Byszio, Klaus-Dieter Wirth: Agile PKI using Intelligent Composed Algorithms, PrimeKey TechDays, 13.09.2021

Frank Byszio, Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Stefan-Lukas Gazdag: Agile Kryptographie in PKI und Anwendungen, CAST-Workshop, 02.09.2021

Kim Nguyen, Frank Byszio, Klaus-Dieter Wirth: Intelligent Composed Algorithms, ICA im Rahmen der CODE 2021, 30.06.2021

Efstathia Katsigianni, Mesih Olumee: What’s next? Automotive security in the post-quantum era, Escar Europe 2021, 10.11.2021 [Link]

Efstathia Katsigianni: Post-quantum cryptography for the automotive Industry, CAST-Workshop, 08.04.2021 [Link]

Efstathia Katsigianni: Post-Quantum-Kryptographie in der Automobilbranche, escrypt Webinar, 21.01.2021 [Link]

Efstathia Katsigianni: Postquantum Crypto & Automotive, Embedded World 2020, 25.02.2020