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Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We are a research project for post quantum security in public key infrastructures. This website can be reached via or


We have no interest in your personal data, so we avoid collecting or storing it whenever possible. As part of the security features of WordPress, brute force attempts to log in with IP address are logged.

On the part of the hoster, access logs are kept for a maximum of 6 weeks. For data protection reasons, the host name or IP address of the client accessing the website is anonymized in the log files.


We don't use cookies.

Registered Users

If you are part of the FLOQI project consortium and have an account on this website, additional data such as username, password and email address will be collected, which you can easily request via the export function. In addition, you can request the deletion of all personal data we have stored about you. This does not include data that we need to keep due to administrative, legal or security needs.